Be guided upon your arrival at the station, to the train and to your seat via a mobile application downloadable to your smartphone.

Validate your ticket, as you board the train simply by touching your smartphone to an NFC tag.

Be in direct contact with an on-board agent via your tablet connected to the train's wireless network.

Visualise, directly on the window of the train, information in real time, about the journey, the connections, the traffic and the weather at your destination.

Order your meal directly from the buffet car via your touchscreen tablet. No more waiting in long queues!

Recreate your own personal space, by adjusting the individual lighting and the comfort of your seat via your connected smartphone.

Snuggle down in the comfy seats, adjustable in multiple positions, and take in the ambient lighting which changes over the course of the journey and guides you as you move around.

Buy, modify and reserve your ticket directly online, via an intelligent ticketing system that will allocate you a seat based on your profile.

Watch photos or videos on the window, of the train or on your mobile device as a group.

Relax in the perfectly soundproofed cars, and make the most of the services available aboard.