Fun facts about trains

Did you know?

  • Football legend
    Dennis Bergkamp,
    « the non-flying Dutchman »,
    travelled only by car or by train,
    for fear of taking the plane.

  • More than 500
    additional trains have
    been put into service
    during the 2018 Football
    World Cup in Russia.

  • The first ever dining-car
    entered service
    in the United-States
    in 1868, onboard
    the Delmonico train.

  • A train is referred to
    as "high speed" if
    it can exceed 250 km/h.

  • Patrick and Sophie celebrate
    their 40th birthday!
    In March 1978,
    the 1st high speed
    trains were born
    in Belfort, France

  • The Qinghai-Tibet line
    in China, which culminates
    at 5.072m, is the highest
    railway line in the world.

  • 50%
    of urban
    railway lines
    have concrete

  • More than 80 of the
    world’s 100 busiest
    stations are Japanese.

  • The 57.1 km-long Gotthard
    Base Tunnel is the longest
    railway tunnel in the world.

  • One train alone can
    carry more passengers
    than an Airbus A380.

  • A 200 metre-long
    high speed train
    weighs about 385 tonnes.

  • Train toilets
    are guaranteed
    3 to 5 years
    (26,000 hours
    of operation)

  • A train can run 30%
    faster if it leans
    in the curves.

  • The world’s longest bridge
    is a railway bridge in China
    (Danyang-Kunshan), 164.8 km long.

  • The USA has the largest
    railway network in the world
    with 224,792 km of rail track.

  • The total area of contact
    between the steel wheel
    of a metro and the rail
    is the size of a coin.

  • Up to 40% of the braking
    energy from one train can
    be recovered to provide power
    for either another train or
    a passenger station.

  • The "deadman" function
    ensures that
    the driver
    of the train
    is present
    and conscious.

  • There are 1 million km
    of railway tracks
    in the world
    i.e. 25 times
    the circumference
    of the Earth.

  • Motion
    affects about
    1 in 3 people.

  • The Channel Tunnel,
    which runs under
    the sea for 38 km,
    is the tunnel with
    the longest underwater
    section in the world.

  • To supply power
    to the engine of a train,
    the electricity needs
    to be at 3000 volts.

  • A rail convoy
    can be up to 7 km
    which is twice the width
    of Manhattan

  • Nearly
    of metros
    run on
    rubber tyres

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